Artiforged Base Class

Artiforged IconicCyborgs are cool. The idea of augmenting yourself with devices to become superhuman captures the imaginations of sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts alike. However, you’re largely out of luck if you want to play a cyborg-like character in Pathfinder RPG unless your GM runs a science fiction campaign. This is why I designed the artiforged, a base class that lets you play a cyborg-like character that fits in almost any campaign setting.

You can view and download the artiforged class description here.

As an artiforged, you are a warrior that augments himself artificially. The nature of your augmentations depends on your choice of a power source. You could graft magical devices into your body, have clockwork arms, harness the beating heart of an elemental, merge your equipment with your flesh using eldritch energies, or Frankenstein yourself with the undead parts of your fallen foes. Fitting your augmented warrior to a campaign setting is only a matter of choosing the appropriate power source.

Features of the artiforged include:

  1. Weapons and armor grafted to your body.
  2. Power source that determines the flavor of your augmentations and provides a resource mechanic that encourages risky play and teamwork
  3. Ability to overload your power source to perform superhuman feats
  4. Upgrades to customize yourself with new tools

The artiforged class is currently in playtesting. You can try it out here. The class will be published in a book containing new power sources, feats, and archetypes such as the kagemashin artiforged ninja and the gadgetry investigator.

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